Podcasting for the Teacher/Counsellor

Podcasting is a great way to enhance learning and provide an alternative delivery method to improve engagement!

Janley Holeha

podcast cartoon

Podcasting would be super fun to add to any classroom lessons.  I think I will definitely implement it in my classroom, either as whole class project (similar to that which I evaluated being done by Consul School in a previous post) or as individual assignments.  After having taught how to do podcasts, it’s a great option for students to choose to do course projects.  It would appeal to those students that enjoy using technology for their presentations.

I think it would be great to do for those students that are fearful of presenting over the PA system at the school, they could do their podcast and then it could be broadcast over the PA.  It would allow them to do their best work and avoid the fear of clamming up or making mistakes over the PA.  The podcasts could also have music and additional “sounds” to make them fun and…

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